“If I was a tourist in Pittsburgh, I would buy (The Bridges of Pittsburgh). It is saturated with Pittsburgh flavor, readily readable at any point to which you may open it. . . . It is enjoyable and valuable, inspiring readers to develop an appreciation for bridges not typically noticed when traveling
around the ‘burgh.”
        —Bob Bailey, AIA, Columns

“The Steps of Pittsburgh is a testament to urban moxie and adaptability . . .
a fascinating little book.”
        —Philip Langdon, New Urban News

Quintessentially Pittsburgh
Bob Regan once again lets us into the vaults of Pittsburgh's storied past. His previous books-The Steps of Pittsburgh, The Bridges of Pittsburgh and The Names of Pittsburgh-have all received acclaim, attracting thousands interested in the City's storied past. Undoubtedly, Quintessentially Pittsburgh will do the same as he brings to life the historic inclines, trolleys and athletic stadiums as well as the City's rich theater history and place in the world of cinema.

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