Bob Regan is a retired geophysicist who teaches several courses at the University of Pittsburgh, writes books, and rides his bicycle. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA where he pretends to be a native.

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Pittsburgh Steps:
The Story of The City’s Public Stairways

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           “The god of great fortune smiled on Pittsburgh the day Robert Regan came to town and fell in love with the city steps”
          —Patricia Lowry, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

                 (review of The Steps of Pittsburgh)

Today the City of Pittsburgh has more municipal inclines than any other U.S. city and more city steps and bridges than any other city in the world. Undoubtedly the most unique of these transportation solutions is the city steps. Pittsburgh has hundreds of streets complete with street signs, and often times houses, that are composed entirely of steps. Additionally, there are streets in the City of Pittsburgh, uncomfortably steep for walking, that have steps for sidewalks. The 'paper street' and sidewalk steps are a result of the city's topography and rich cultural history.

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